Make Your Clark County, Washington Spring Break Memorable with These Staycation Ideas!

Make Your Clark County, Washington Spring Break Memorable with These Staycation Ideas!

Make Your Clark County, Washington Spring Break Memorable with These Staycation Ideas!

Looking to make the most of your Spring Break without leaving home? Whether you're opting for a staycation by choice or necessity, there are plenty of exciting ways to create lasting memories with your family right here at home. Check out these fun-filled ideas to make your Clark County Spring Break unforgettable:

1. Explore Local Parks and Trails:
  • - Clark County is home to beautiful parks and scenic trails waiting to be explored.
  • - Plan a day trip to places like Moulton Falls Park, Frenchman's Bar Regional Park, or Lacamas Lake Regional Park for hiking, picnicking, and nature walks.
  • - Don't forget to bring along binoculars for birdwatching and a camera to capture the breathtaking scenery.

2. Have a Family Movie Marathon:
  • - Create a cozy home theater experience by setting up blankets, pillows, and snacks in your living room or backyard.
  • - Choose a theme for your movie marathon, such as family favorites, outdoor adventures, or fantasy films.
  • - Make it extra special by creating homemade tickets and popcorn containers for an authentic cinema experience.
  • -May we suggest a movie filmed in the PNW that is NOT The Goonies? Try Kindergarten Cop!

3. Get Creative with DIY Projects:
  • - Tap into your family's creativity with DIY arts and crafts projects inspired by Clark County's natural beauty.
  • - Collect materials from your surroundings, like leaves, rocks, and flowers, to incorporate into your artwork.
  • - Consider creating nature-inspired crafts such as pressed flower bookmarks, rock painting, or leaf rubbings.

4. Plan a Scavenger Hunt in Your Neighborhood:
  • - Design a neighborhood scavenger hunt tailored to Clark County's landmarks and attractions. 
  • - Include local parks, historical sites, and community landmarks as points of interest.
  • - Encourage teamwork and exploration as your family works together to solve clues and complete challenges.
  • Click the link to use our ready made scavenger hunt!

5. Cook Up a Storm with Local Ingredients:
  • - Embrace Clark County's vibrant food scene by cooking up a delicious meal using locally sourced ingredients.
  • - Visit a nearby farmers' market to gather fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, and locally made goods.
  • - Whip up a farm-to-table feast featuring dishes inspired by the flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

6. Host a Game Night with a Local Twist:
  • - Showcase Clark County pride with a game night featuring trivia questions and challenges inspired by the area.
  • - Test your knowledge of local history, landmarks, and famous residents with a Clark County-themed trivia game.
  • - Incorporate games like "Guess That Landmark" or "Spot the Local Wildlife" for a fun and educational twist.

With these creative and engaging ideas, your Clark County Spring Break is sure to be filled with laughter, adventure, and cherished moments shared with your loved ones. Embrace the opportunity to explore your own backyard and make the most of your time together as a family. Happy staycationing!