Clark County Scavenger Hunt!

Here's a scavenger hunt list tailored for kids featuring Clark County, WA landmarks:

1. Esther Short Park - Find the clock tower and take a picture with it.
2. Vancouver Waterfront - Look for the Grant Street Pier and count how many people are on it.
3. Fort Vancouver National Historic Site - Locate the Chief Factor's House and describe what it looks like.
4. Officers Row - Find the oldest building on the row and take a photo of its plaque.
5. Vancouver Community Library - Spot the large chessboard and see if you can find any pieces.
6. Pearson Air Museum - Look for the airplane suspended from the ceiling and note its model.
7. Klineline Pond - Spot a duck or a goose and count how many ducklings or goslings are following it.
8. Cedar Creek Grist Mill - Find the waterwheel and describe its size.
9. Vancouver Land Bridge - Walk across the land bridge and see if you can spot any wildlife in the area.
10. The Columbia River - Take a photo of the river and note one activity you can do on or near it.

Feel free to adapt this list based on the age and interests of the children participating in the scavenger hunt. Happy hunting!