Adventure Crew- Here to Grow With You!

Plush Characters

Designed for Kids & Caregivers

Take your plush, portable pals anywhere! These snuggly companions double as an interactive toys once paired with our interchangeable Activity Suits geared towards various stages of early learning and playing. As fun meets FUNction, The Adventure Crew is here to grow with you!

What’s an Activity Suit?

We know just how much of an adventure it can be as your little ones grow. No two adventures are ever the same and there are no shortages of emotions throughout. Fear not, The Adventure Crew is ready for the challenge!

They have equipped themselves with Activity Suits to assist your curious explorers in maximizing learning and fun on each adventure.


How The Adventure Crew Was Born

Arturo served six years in the United States Army. Throughout those years, he found passion in mentoring young soldiers. He went on to join the civilian workforce shortly after his service. During this time, he struggled to find the meaningful purpose he had while in the military. His passion was reignited not long after he and his family moved to a small-town in North Carolina. Finding himself a new father, he was eager to guide his son through the most important times of his childhood.

Ages 0 months to 5 years are significant points in our lives. During these stages in our lives, we develop critical skills such as fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, social, and more. Arturo wanted to provide caregivers a toy that could aid in promoting these critical skills within children while creating fun loving memories at the same time.

Like every great teacher, he needed the necessary tools to assist him and his son in their new endeavor – learning through play. It didn’t take him long to realize most toys on the market fell short. He poured himself into developing toys that embodied his passion to guide others and used imagination to highlight their FUNctional aspects.

The Adventure Crew was born! Not only a toy, but even better…a best friend to grow with you!

This beautiful endeavor led him to create six unique characters, six developmental accessories, a children’s book, a toy company, and an unbreakable bond with his son.

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