Start a New Holiday Tradition- A Book Flood!

Start a New Holiday Tradition- A Book Flood!

Start a New Holiday Tradition- A Book Flood!

Hey there! Ever heard of Jolabokaflod?  It's a cool tradition that comes from Iceland which, stupidly enough, I have yet to visit. But it's totally on my list!

Jolabokaflod (pronounced yohl-uh-boh-kuh-flode) is an Icelandic holiday that celebrates the winter solstice and the beginning of the Christmas season. The name comes from the Old Norse words jol (meaning "yule") and bok (meaning "book"). According to tradition, families give each other books on Jolabokaflod night and then spend the evening reading them together. Basically this is how it works: On Christmas Eve, Icelanders exchange books amongst one another and spend the night reading. It's designed to promote literacy and remind us all of the power of stories and written word. How amazing is that — celebrating with words? Sounds like perfect escapism for me. I mean, getting lost in a fictional universe for a few hours is probably one of the most relaxing experiences out there.


Starting your own Jolabokaflod tradition in your family is such a fun way to both promote literacy and show love to your loved ones! I remember as a child my teacher telling me about this unique Icelandic special day of literacy and giving, and I still think it's a great idea. Buy each of your kids or loved ones a book that you think they'll like. This can give them something special to look forward to each year, as well as pass on the joy of literacy from generation to generation. On the night of Jolabokaflod, gather together with some hot chocolate, cozy socks, a wood fire... and don't forget the books! Make this an occasion everyone will look forward to - because nothing says "I'm thinking of you" better than a good book!


I'm all for starting new traditions, especially if they involve time with the family and opportunities to cozy up in the darkness of winter. Jolabokaflod gives you exactly that! On this day, families can gather around with drinks and cookies, trading books and sharing ideas. A time after dinner where parents and children alike can appreciate time spent together in comfort and warmth- What’s not to love? It is a beautiful way to foster connection and create memories that will last a lifetime.


For a special Jolabokaflod tradition, think outside the box and come up with creative ideas to make it more personalized for your family's interests and preferences. This could mean vegetables instead of chocolate by giving a cook book that everyone can follow together in the kitchen; include the grandparents who know all about the traditional recipes; add board games for families of all ages to enjoy; watch a movie based on a book after completing reading the book together, and discuss how each person saw and interpreted it differently. A personalized Jolabokaflod isn't just about gifts, but finding purposeful ways to strengthen your bonds with those you love. Make this holiday season even more memorable by adding unique touches to build an enjoyable experience!


Whether it's all day affairs or just something you do at night, this new holiday idea is perfect for those long weeks after school lets out. You get creative planning activities and enjoy quality time with loved ones with no rules. Have fun and make some special memories this winter season.


Jolabokaflod is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care - it's the perfect opportunity to bond over something you both enjoy, while also giving them a chance to relax and escape from their everyday lives. It's easy to get started with Jolabokaflod, and there are many benefits that make it worth starting a new tradition for your family. You can make Jolabokaflod even more special for your loved ones by personalizing it to your family's interests and preferences. Get creative with Jolabokaflod - there are no rules, so have fun and enjoy quality time with your loved ones!