Active Play for Rainy Days

Active Play for Rainy Days

Active Play for Rainy Days

Are you looking for fun activities to keep your active kids or grandchildren entertained on a rainy day? Staying cooped up indoors doesn’t mean their energy needs to go to waste! Active play is important for development and well-being, even when it's wet outside. Whether your children are young toddlers who love playing with blocks and puzzles or big kids who enjoy running around and being physical – we have the perfect activities they can do at home AND in the rain. Read on for some great active play ideas that will get everyone moving even when wet weather restricts outdoor activity.

Need to Stay Inside?

Active playtime at home can be both fun and beneficial for adults, children and even the elderly! Active board games make great options for those wanting to get their blood pumping and engage in a good bit of friendly competition. For those who are more up-tempo, dancing with a ribbon or dancing to your favorite tunes can add an exciting element of rhythm and movement to your activities. Music also has the power to bring people together, so why not put on one of your favorite songs while breaking into your own dance moves? Active play doesn't have to mean running around (or doing boring exercises)—get creative and stay safe while having a blast at home.

Charades and other acting games help to engage the entire family in a fun, educational activity that requires almost zero planning. With a little imagination, charades can help liven up even the dreariest of nights indoors. Not only are they an excellent way to help bring family together in times of social distancing, but they help develop imagination and sequencing skills as well as harness everyone’s sense of humor and their ability to think outside the box. Charades help foster confidence through taking on different roles and by occupying each participant's focus on providing clues when it’s their turn. A great way to have fun while also developing some valuable skill sets!

 Dying to Head Outside? 

Don't be discouraged by a rainy day - umbrellas and undercover areas can make the outdoors just as accessible as a sunny day. Fresh air, an essential component for good health, can still be enjoyed during wet days; all you have to do is bundle up when you go outside and easily warm up afterwards. The most important thing to remember is that a rainy day doesn't mean you'll get sick, so don't let the wet weather keep you from going out and having fun!

Winter is the perfect time to venture outdoors and explore nature, even better when it's raining. Taking a nature walk on a rainy day can be so much fun for kids - feeling the rain touch their skin and noticing the way the wind creates beautiful ripples on mud puddles. Seeing animals you normally don't see in the daylight brings alive an entirely different world for children. Exploring outdoors in the rain is an amazing experience that will stay with them for years to come. There's no better way to introduce kids to a whole new perspective of their natural environment than embarking on a special nature walk in the rain!


It is important to stay physically and mentally engaged during the winter months. Active play can be an awesome way of keeping everyone in the family entertained and in shape over those potentially dark winter days. With creativity and fun, there are plenty of opportunities for movement, exploration, games and fun that parents can use to keep their children happily busy during the chilly winter season. So on your next potential rainy day indoors offer up some creative active play ideas and make it a memorable adventure!