The Real Science of Make Believe

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A banana rings in the kitchen. Your child picks it up and asks who's there. "Yeah. Uh huh. She's not home right now can I take a message? OK I'll tell her," they say before peeling and eating it for snack. You might grin in adoration at the classic banana phone routine, but while it [...]

How Play Prepares Kids for School

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Play isn't just fun – it's the intrinsic way kids learn. (James B. Hale/ The Daily Times) As summer vacation breathes its last breath, and kids slowly migrate from rivers, beaches and backyards to classrooms, bleachers and schoolyards, the mind of the parent naturally wanders to the question: Are my kids ready for [...]

The Mesmerizing World of Marbles

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Are you a true mibster? Do you cherish your aggie as much as your taws? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, may I be the first to welcome you to the fascinating world of marbles! The little balls of glass have become as ubiquitous as apple pie in America, but what are [...]

Read Local

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There's no better time than the long days of summer to find a nice, quiet spot and dig into a good book. While you're sitting by an open window, or in the shade of a tall tree, or by the ocean in the sand, check out a book by some of our talented neighbors. Vancouver [...]

Read a Book, Help a Cat

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Henry the cat sleeps on a bed of warm blankets made by Stephaniejo. Our reading program donates blankets to cats in need. (photo by Vintage Books) Taking time out of a busy summer break to sit down with a good book, or two, or 20, can be great exercise for your kids' brains. [...]

Introducing Play Perks: Our Way to Say Thanks!

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We like to think of Kazoodles as a family. But besides the kids, the employees, and Luka the store dog, are the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends who all keep our little store open. All of you are part of the big, cozy family that we call Kazoodles. To thank you, genuinely and [...]

Do You Know Where Your Toys Are Made?

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Workers craft garments in a massive factory in Bangladesh. In light of the recent tragedy in a different factory, it's important to know where your products come from. Crews are still digging through the remains of a Bangladesh garment factory that collapsed last week, in a horrific reminder of the cost we pay [...]

Can Your Kids Stay Screen Free for a Week?

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Forget about your screens for a week! They won't miss you, really. (Photo by TJ Dewey) Screens have taken over our lives. Don't believe me? Take a second to count the number of screens in your home. That includes your TVs, computers, smart phones, iPods and tablets. Add the screens you see at [...]

Five Easy, Not-Mean Pranks for April Fools Day

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April Fools Day is the time for all our inner jokers and jesters to come out and play pranks on unwitting friends. But, believe it or not, some people don't take too kindly to pranks. Just ask Miss April, who really doesn't appreciate hearing "April fools!" all day long. That said, it can be hard [...]