Infant Toys

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Never in our lives are our brains developing as fast as in those first months of life, when trillions of new synapses form connections in the brain every day. Infants' development is incredibly escalated as their bodies and brains are both on super-drive. Sensory exploration is the beginning developmental focus as infants begin [...]

Arts, Crafts and Music

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Kids express themselves emotionally through the arts. Creating art offers a child more than just the satisfaction of seeing his masterpiece hung on the refrigerator. Whether drawing, sculpting, singing, dancing, painting, playing an instrument or creating her own invention, the child is expressing herself and building imagination and self-esteem. Shared arts experiences let kids connect, [...]

Fun with arts and crafts

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With thanks to the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association Deep in the recesses of your memory, you can still feel it. The way your hand slipped across that special smooth paper when you finger painted. The oozy sensation of play dough squishing between your fingers. The satisfying feeling of bringing a handmade [...]

Magic of a Toy Store: It Comes From the Kids

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Magic of a Toy Store: It Comes From the Kids After 11 years since Kazoodles opened, we've collected a lot of kid stories. We will never forget the first time a mom told us, “He woke up today saying, ‘I want to go to Kazoodles!’” That’s not just music to a shopkeeper’s ears, it’s a full [...]

Fidgets: They’re not just for kids

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Nearly every day parents come in looking for fidget toys for their children. Teachers or therapists have recommended they find something to occupy the child’s hands so the child’s brain can focus in school. And this year, fidgets were all the talk at Toy Fair and other toy shows. What teachers and parents have known [...]

Best of Clark County? Right Here on East Mill Plain

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We were grateful and excited to be named Best of Clark County by readers of The Columbian. We were doubly excited to see that eight BOCC awards and a runner-up are right here in our shopping center, Columbia Square. We’d like you to meet our outstanding neighbors. See if you can spot the phrase that [...]

Why Do Kids Love Monsters?

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We'll see plenty of kids roaming the streets tonight clad in horns, fangs and claws. But all the embrace of monsters by kids leaves me scratching me head. After all, monsters are supposed to be scary, right? The scaly, twelve-eyed, sharp-fanged creatures that lurk underneath your bed and in the shadows of your closet? I [...]

The True Cost of Toys, Part 3

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Part 3: An Expandable Toy Universe Too many toys these days are expendable. We're expected to shell out $40 for some piece of plastic that gets played with once or twice before our kids grow bored and we end up giving it away, or worse--throwing it in the trash. But instead of buying expendable toys, we [...]

The True Cost of Toys, Part 2

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Bruder makes a quality construction vehicle toys that last for years of play. This is the first of a three-part series that will examine the TRUE cost of toys in an effort to help you save money on those often expensive, all-important toy purchases. Don’t freak out, it’s easier than you think. Part [...]

The True Cost of Toys, Part 1

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This is the first of a three-part series that will examine the TRUE cost of toys in an effort to help you save money on those often expensive, all-important toy purchases. Don't freak out, it's easier than you think. Part 1: Calculating the True Cost of Toys If there's one simple truth about kids, it's [...]