Active Toys

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Active play allows children to explore the potential of their bodies and how to interact with the outdoors. As kids navigate through nature, they practice motor planning skills needed to explore gross motor activities. Kids build large muscles and improve coordination as they ride, climb, run and jump. Children build balance (vestibular system) through active [...]


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Books are windows to the world for children — reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body. Books encourage parent/child bonding, and reading aloud to children is the easiest way to enhance language and literacy development. In fact, research shows that one primary predictor of what educational level a child will achieve [...]

Just For Fun

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We believe every toy is a learning toy. Some toys are just crazy fun, and learning to have joy in life is a great lesson! Some are excellent fidgets; when the hands are busy, the mind can focus better. When a child hugs a stuffed animal, serotonin, the cuddle hormone, is released. That's why stuffies [...]


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The toddler/preschool stage of a child's development is crucial as young brains grasp concepts that lay the foundations for future learning. Curiosity soars, as anyone knows who's heard the question "Why?" a million times. Mobility and independence increase, as do language and the ability to understand social cues. Balls, dolls, blocks, books, costumes, cars and [...]


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Ride-on toys help develop gross and fine motor skills, encourage physical activity and exercise, and help kids hone their sense of balance. While they're out riding around, their sense of exploration is heightened and they connect to nature. And they learn to understand their place in the space around them. We carry ride-ons for kids [...]


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Children love to explore the world around them. They are natural scientists, because they are full of questions about the world and this sense of inquiry is invaluable. Science is based on the principles of observing, predicting, experimenting and interpreting to form conclusions. While STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is the buzzword [...]


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Puzzles entertain and challenge people from toddlers to senior citizens. Young children learn key cognitive lessons like visual perception and problem solving while developing fine motor skills to manipulate pieces and put the puzzle together. Older adults and everyone in between keep those same skills sharp when working a puzzle. Children learn beginning math skills [...]

Pretend Play

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Pretend play develops a child's creativity and the ability to plan for the future. It begins in early childhood when children make believe toys and objects are real, or when they mimic their parents or imagine a scenario such as a construction site or racetrack. It evolves into imagining things that do not exist, like [...]


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Games are key to teaching kids about life lessons while having fun! Kids have permission to take risks, push their potentials and stay socially connected. Games help kids maintain focus and attention while learning is secretly embedded in the game. Numbers, colors, strategy and trivia are built into the play. We carry games from Gamewright, [...]

Construction Toys

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From the earliest placing one block on top of another to an elaborate LEGO creation, construction toys train young minds about spatial thinking and the ability to visualize in the third dimension. Toddlers don't realize they're learning math when they play with blocks. Playing with gears, magnetic toys, wooden planks, snaps, gears, nuts and bolts, [...]