The toddler/preschool stage of a child’s development is crucial as young brains grasp concepts that lay the foundations for future learning. Curiosity soars, as anyone knows who’s heard the question “Why?” a million times. Mobility and independence increase, as do language and the ability to understand social cues.

Balls, dolls, blocks, books, costumes, cars and trucks, ride-ons, push toys, pull toys, and manipulatives all are important toys during this stage as children develop large muscles and large imaginations.

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Physical skills: Walking, climbing, throwing, hopping, balancing.

Cognitive skills: Object permanence, spatial reasoning, cause & effect.

Social/emotional skills: Self-regulation, feelings, empathy, interpreting facial expressions and body language.

With thanks to “Make Way for Play: Brilliant Benefits of Toys” from the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association and Lekotek.


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