Puzzles entertain and challenge people from toddlers to senior citizens. Young children learn key cognitive lessons like visual perception and problem solving while developing fine motor skills to manipulate pieces and put the puzzle together. Older adults and everyone in between keep those same skills sharp when working a puzzle.

Children learn beginning math skills like sorting, classifying (round vs. sharp edges, big vs. small), and comparing and contrasting pieces to finish the puzzle.

We carry Ravensburger, eeBoo, Melissa & Doug, Flipzles from nearby Woodland, Djeco, Geotoys and more.

Physical skills: Whole hand grasp, pincer grasp, manipulating, hand-eye coordination.

Cognitive skills: Problem-solviing, early math, recognition & identification, spatial relationships.

Social/emotional skills: Socialization, patience, persistence, self esteem, independence, cooperative play.

With thanks to “Make Way for Play: Brilliant Benefits of Toys” from the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association and Lekotek.

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