Pretend Play

Pretend play develops a child’s creativity and the ability to plan for the future. It begins in early childhood when children make believe toys and objects are real, or when they mimic their parents or imagine a scenario such as a construction site or racetrack. It evolves into imagining things that do not exist, like unicorns and monsters.

Pretend play opens up vocabulary possibilities along with the ability to build a narrative for the characters in the play scenario. It drives language as kids explain their roles and animate their characters. Kids try on new roles imitating characters, assigning roles, assuming new identities and taking others’ perspectives into consideration.

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Cognitive skills: Imagination, problem solving, planning, memory & recall, assimilation, symbolic thinking.

Communicative skills: Speech & language, storytelling, verbalizing, interpreting body language & facial expressions, singing, acting.

Social/emotional skills: Cooperative play, negotiation, understanding, empathy, sharing, self-expression, peer interaction.

With thanks to “Make Way for Play: Brilliant Benefits of Toys” from the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association and Lekotek.

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