Arts, Crafts and Music

Kids express themselves emotionally through the arts. Creating art offers a child more than just the satisfaction of seeing his masterpiece hung on the refrigerator. Whether drawing, sculpting, singing, dancing, painting, playing an instrument or creating her own invention, the child is expressing herself and building imagination and self-esteem. Shared arts experiences let kids connect, collaborate and co-create with others.

We carry arts, crafts and music from Orb Factory, Mindware, SmartLab, 4M, Ann Williams, Aquarellum, Melissa & Doug, Kwik Stix, Beka, SpiceBox, Innovative Kids, Dreamland Fairy, Creativity for Kids, Spirograph, Harrisville, Woolpets, Trophy Music, Plan, Brio, European Expressions and more.

Physical skills: Fine motor, pincer grasp, hand-eye coordination, gross motor, balance and coordination.

Communicative skills: Singing, drawing, storytelling, speech & language, interepreting body language and facial expressions.

Social/emotional skills: Self expression, self confidence, understanding, empathy, self awareness.

With thanks to “Make Way for Play: Brilliant Benefits of Toys” from the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association and Lekotek.

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