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360-823-0123 | 13503 SE Mill Plain Blvd. #B-3, Vancouver WA 98684

Kid – Powered Toys are our Speciality

We’re all about toys, books and games that run on kid power — children’s natural energy, imagination, curiosity, creativity and intelligence.

Experience the magic of our local toy store.

Kazoodles Toy Store Vancouver WA

Looking for high quality, fun, safe toys in Vancouver, Washington?  You’ve found them at Kazoodles, where kid-powered toys are what we’re all about.

This locally-owned, independent toy store is chock-full of unique toys, books and games for kids from birth through preschool, grade school, the teen years and beyond. There’s loads to explore at Kazoodles!

We love to help new parents find toys that help their babies develop. We look for great, new games to engage all ages. We’re glad to help grandparents get just the right thing for their grandchildren. En route to a birthday party? We gift wrap!  The toys at Kazoodles are carefully chosen for their play value, so you can shop with confidence.

Kazoodles: Serving families in Vancouver, Washington, since 2006.

  • A local, independent mom-and-pop store that cares about our customers of all ages.
  • Passionate about kids and play. We seek out toys with the best play value — toys that last through stages of development and multiple kids, and that help build skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Focused on customer service, helping customers find the best toy, book or game for the person who’s receiving it. We gift wrap for free, all year long.
  • Believers in community. Kazoodles offers lots of events and activities for our community of customers. And we support schools and organizations that work to help kids thrive.
  • Clark County’s only source for Girl Scout uniforms, insignia and handbooks
  • Grateful to our customers who choose to support local business. We offer Play Perks rewards, Birthday Club, Grandparents’ Day every Tuesday, and more.
Kazoodles Toy Store

A Sampling of Our Toys

Infant Toys

Never in our lives are our brains developing as fast as in those first months of life, when trillions of [...]

Active Toys

Active play allows children to explore the potential of their bodies and how to interact with the outdoors. As kids [...]


The toddler/preschool stage of a child's development is crucial as young brains grasp concepts that lay the foundations for future [...]


Books are windows to the world for children — reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body. [...]

Just For Fun

We believe every toy is a learning toy. Some toys are just crazy fun, and learning to have joy in [...]


  Ride-on toys help develop gross and fine motor skills, encourage physical activity and exercise, and help kids hone their [...]


Children love to explore the world around them. They are natural scientists, because they are full of questions about the [...]


Puzzles entertain and challenge people from toddlers to senior citizens. Young children learn key cognitive lessons like visual perception and [...]

Pretend Play

Pretend play develops a child's creativity and the ability to plan for the future. It begins in early childhood when [...]


Games are key to teaching kids about life lessons while having fun! Kids have permission to take risks, push their [...]

Construction Toys

From the earliest placing one block on top of another to an elaborate LEGO creation, construction toys train young minds [...]

Arts, Crafts and Music

Kids express themselves emotionally through the arts. Creating art offers a child more than just the satisfaction of seeing his [...]

Our goal is to bring the magic of the neighborhood toy store to every person who walks through our doors.